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Thread: Cioscorp 3.4 on system 4.2 not working

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    Cioscorp 3.4 on system 4.2 not working

    I've searched, but didn't find anything alike.

    I've updated the Wii using waninkoko's 4.2 updater. Installed neogamma and cioscorp 3.4
    Neogamma works fine with backups, but i can't load them from the disc channel.

    Cioscorp 3.4 installed fine though.

    Did anyone manage to get it working? If so, how?

    I know I can use neogamma, but the kids don't understand how it works, so I'd rather use the discchannel.

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    if you want to load games from the disc channel, go and by a modchip, dont waste your time with cIOScorp.

    BUT, why did you update? there was no need (As said in many many places on the forum). 4.2 is NOT what you want!

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    I was on 4.0, but wii sports resort kept repeating that movie, i just installed the latest version

    Anyway, i'm not asking to buy a chip or something, so please respond on topic. btw, this wii was chipped, but that damn thing gave up after 1 1/2 year

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    restore your wii with your nand and go back and go to 4.1 with waninkokos updater. it will also get rid of cioscorp

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    I was thinking about that. i'll use the nand backup to 4.0 then, then update to 4.1

    So i'm guessing 4.2 is a no-go so far

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    its the best thing you can do. 4.2 sucks


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