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Thread: help with reading mario kart

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    Ca help with reading mario kart

    I just soft-modded my Wii using this tutorial, and I burned an NTSC version of Mario Kart Wii to a Verbatim DVD-R. When I try to play it with the disc channel I just get an error 001, and when I use Neogamma, it just shows the initial warning message about wearing the strap, and freezes, and I have to unplug my Wii. I've tried forcing the video to 480iNTSC and 480pNTSC and Wii mode, but I always get the same message

    Also, when I burned it, I used imgburn and set it to 1x but it defaulted to 4x

    EDIT: alright wow, it turns out winrar corrupted my iso file when I downloaded it, so I just redownloaded it and burned it again and it works fine now, frigging winrar.
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