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Thread: Wii Hard Drive! Thanks!

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    Wii Hard Drive! Thanks!

    Wanted to thank you all for all the posts which helped me with my mods. I started with a DriveKey and burning DVD-R which worked great for about a month while I was researching the Hard Drive. Now I have updated my Wii with a Hard Drive and it is AWESOME! Works like a charm and can backup games with ease and the fact that I dont have to mess with DVDs and the game selection screen is very nice.

    Wii - 4.1u
    Drive: WDBAAF5000EBK-NESN $79.99 for 500GB @ BB
    CIOS 38 rev14
    USB Loader GX r773
    WBFS Manager v3.0

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    USB Loaders are WIN!!!

    Now only if they could implement GC backups that would be SWEET.

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    Smile Aiiiii

    Yep USB Loader GX is the shizzle fizzle. Works great! Cant be happier.

    I wish someone would create the same thing for dvd's so when you go to watch a dvd you can just click on the cover...


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    You can, just not currently in such an easy way.

    You can take a source DVD and rip the contents like basically any torrent provider does.

    Note: I am not condoning piracy. I'm only stating their practices. If you rip any DVD, you have to own the original ( would...given you're ripping it :-P).

    Then just load the contents onto an external HDD and use Mplayer CE, Geexbox, etc.

    Crude but it does the job.

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    Playing video on your Wii now days is almost worthless.
    Most of the newer HD tv's can be networked or have usb port on them.
    Unless you still have a analog TV, Then a Wii is good enough.

    GX Usbloader + Wii = a happy camper...

    Don't forget the thanks button...


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