Currently I have a banner bricked wii. Joy.
I have a version 4.0U wii with BootMii as an IOS since this wii does not have a vulnerable boot1 to install it as a boot2. Preloader is not installed since I seem to have overlooked that part of the tutorial. I used this tutorial to modify the wii

It worked fine until I stupidly started fiddling around with custom banners and icons for channels. One would think that the channels coming up as invalid would make one stop but I persisted and here I am now.

I have tried many different auto boot discs to no avail as it seems my system menu does not have the Trucha Bug enabled although I do believe IOS36 may have the bug judging from Part 3 of the tutorial "3. Get A CIOS".
The Wii has a DriveKey chip so it can load store bought games save for Super Smash Brothers Brawl which does not load so I can not do the Smash Stack exploit to run anyregion deleter or wad manager.
Here is a list of things I can and can not do.

I CAN load the recovery menu (savemii/frii)
I CAN load and play store bought games with the DriveKey since it is set on autoboot (save for Super Smash Brothers Brawl)
I can NOT load trucha signed discs it seems.
I can NOT load Preloader (It is not installed)
I can NOT load BootMii(It is not installed in Boot2 only as an IOS since Boot1 does not allow for modification of said Boot2)
I can NOT use the Smash Stack exploit since the game does not boot ("Please insert the Super Smash Brothers Brawl game disc.")
I can NOT use the Twilight hack for I do not own Twilight Princess and I do not have the save inside the wii anyway.
I can NOT use Indiana Pwns for I do not own the game and I do not have the save inside the wii anyway.

As mentioned before, I do believe IOS36 has the Trucha Bug though I am not able to validate this. I also have a backup of the NAND although currently I am incapable of reflashing the NAND with the backup.

My questions are, is it possible to boot a Trucha signed disc that loads from IOS36 instead of the default 60? If so, how would I go about doing this? If not, is it possible to somehow get Super Smash Brothers Brawl to autoboot? If not, then is it possible to somehow forcibly format the system memory from within a game which has the same effects as doing a format from the system settings within the system menu's options.

Any insights that may lead me towards the path of unbricking this wii are welcome, since I wish to keep direct NAND flashing a last resort sort of thing for I do not currently have the necessary hardware to take this course of action lest I would have done so a long while ago.