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Thread: Inherited a hacked wii

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    Smile Inherited a hacked wii

    Hi all!
    We bought a wii from someone that is already hacked - so now Im trying to learn more about what it can do! So far this forumlooks like it has tons of info,I hope to learn a lot


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    Don't update to 4.2 and you should be fine.

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    Smile Welcome...

    Hello and welcome to the community. Lots & lots of info here.
    Have fun!


    **(If i have helped in anyway, please remember to hit the thanks button)**

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    Hello and welcome to the wiihacks community.

    I know you are anxious to get started; but, there are a few items to cover before you post your questions or start doing anything to your Wii. DO NOT ACCEPT THE LATEST NINTENDO UPDATE. DO NOT UPDATE TO SYSTEM MENU VERSION 4.2.

    Make sure you read the rules of this site. There are a number of tutorials and guides available to assist you. Make sure to either look through the tutorials or use the search function before asking questions. While the moderators, staff, and members of this community are willing to help you, some effort on your part to read, research, and follow the rules is expected. To get the best response to your question(s), post in the associated forum areas. This is very important as inappropriate posting could get you restricted to the reading room or even banned. If, after looking at the tutorials and trying to search, you still need help or just want to post a very basic type of question, go to the

    If this site and our members have provided substantive help, you can Donate to the forum and get a nice banner under your name and gain access to the donator forums.

    This guide should help get you started: . Enjoy your stay with us.


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