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Thread: Can I use already compressed GC images with the multi-game iso creator?

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    Multi-disc GameCube games and multi-game iso creator?

    New question: How do I handle multidisc games with the multi-game iso creator? Can I put the discs on the same DVD? Can I put them on separate DVDs?

    Old question answered by Favs:
    Let's say I've got some GC isos that are already compressed by the person who uploaded them. Do I have to use fstfix to bring them back to their full size before using them with the multi-game iso creator?
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    You shouldn't need to uncompress them unless they're known to have issues due to the compression.

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    Awesome, thanks.

    Also, how do I deal with multi-disc GC games? Can I put disc 1 and 2 on the same DVD?


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