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Thread: drivekey on 4.2E not load backups

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    drivekey on 4.2E not load backups

    hello i got my wii today and i started it up and it was on 4.2E

    so i look on net and seeing softmod dont work i put my drivekey chip in
    the chip go blue but then the dvd stops and noting eles happens

    can get into the menu and everything but will not load none of my games

    tryed in my sisters all games works on 4.2E

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    that sounds like your backups are from the wrong region!! try and get a backup that matches the region of your wii and i would like to bet it will work fine as this happened to me i updated to 4.2 and my ntsc's now dont work but my pals all work 100%.

    hope this sheds a bit of light on yopur problem

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    Toy Story Mania
    Region.....: EUROPE

    just spins then stops

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    make sure you use imgburn and compatible media like verbatim etc.
    google and do some research on how to burn wii games.

    if you cant find it, let me know. I have a complete guide from drivekey rep. It's very thorough.

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    And make sure you burn on DVD-R media. (You can only use DVD+R media if the booktype is set to DVD-ROM. Refer to the DriveKey official homepage for more info).

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    i agree with cons & johnsonchiu13 make sure you use verbatim media dvd-r and imgburn to burn the discs as the wii is very very picky as to what it will and wont read

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    solded my 4.2

    got a 3.1 then softmoded it to 4.1 now i am happy all me games works

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    did you get a used one? how did you get 3.1?

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    Try the softmod. This is posted by messie. It works on my 4.2J. Now I can use neogamma to load imported backups.

    Now my drivekey is just a expensive update blocker!!

    Drivekey team, do something!


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