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    Us A few questions

    so i have a question what other differences are tere between these 2 chips other than the 2mb of memory. The onboard memory in my experience with chips really doesnt play a difference Wasabi*DX*and*Wasabi*V16*Wiiclip*::*Solderless*Mod chips*/*Wii-clip*Bundles*::*Nintendo*Wii*::*Mod*Central*Ltd.*

    Wasabi Zero Modchip w/ Solderless Clip and Free Triwing + Phillips Screwdriver (Works with all chipsets) - Mod Central Ltd.

    i want to use the clip so i can have full 6x support. Also should i wait for a chip that is compatible with 4.2 or will there be firmware updates

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    no one can help?

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    It's really late, so I don't know if you're still wondering, but I'll reply in case anyone else comes to this forum looking for this question. If you have a new Wii, your main concern is whether the drive chip is either 1.) covered in black gunk so it's difficult to install a modchip (this is a big reason as to why the cable-installed chips like the dx were created) - this can supposedly be removed but I don't have the foggiest idea how OR 2.) completely missing, as I guess Nintendo has figured out how to get rid of this.

    The DX has the ability to be installed as a pass-through device and also has the ability to be installed as a Zero with a Wii Clip, but the Zero is only a Zero, if that makes sense. When it's installed as a pass-through, you can only run at 3x speed as far as I know. I'm pretty sure all pass-through modchips are limited to 3x speed. If you use the clip and use it as the Zero, then it runs at full speed.

    For a good idea of what is installed in your Wii, I recommend running its serial number through this baby. This will give you a better idea of what your options are. The Zero + Clip is just as easy to install as the DX, as the main annoyance when installing a modchip is opening up the Wii. Once you have your Wii open, you can install either quickly. You have more options with the DX in case installing the Zero is troublesome or impossible.

    They are as of now both compatible with System Menu 4.2, but NO modchip as far as I know will play out-of-region games on 4.2. I'm pretty sure Wasabi is working to update their firmwares to accommodate this problem; I wrote them an email last week and they said they were working on it. Not so sure about other modchip makers.

    Keep in mind you can still install the Homebrew Channel on 4.2 and there are backup loaders that work with it. Backup loaders aren't how I prefer to go, as I always find backup loaders a less elegant solution to the problem. But they work, and well. You'll probably spend more time in configuration than you would with a modchip, but there you go. Some of them can even be run outside the Homebrew Channel. I saw one which was made as a "Backup Loader" channel. I can't give you much information about these as it's not what I have the most experience with, but there's a lot of good guides for installing these. Check out something called NeoGamma.


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