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Thread: Beksinski, your thoughts?

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    Question Beksinski, your thoughts?

    I've known about this art for some time and I persoanlly think it looks cool but soley due to its ****ed up appearance.

    Please post your thoughts on it and whether you like it or not and please state why.

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    I like it.

    You are right that is f'ed up.

    But it has a lot of depth.

    I like it.

    The use of light really draws my eyes to key points in the paintings.

    I think I like the first one best, with the horse and the mother.

    The amount of movement in the leaves with the horse standing still is a great contrast.

    It makes me think of mortality and the preciousness of life.


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    Because the style is so different is why I like it, simply put it's unique.

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    Hmm..Simply unique but great collection... Then advertise it on all of your sites, the more referrals you get, the more chances you have of becoming a VIP Member or getting an RS account from me!


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