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Thread: Help! Wiikey 1 + FW4.2 - J and E dos not work

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    Help! Wiikey 1 + FW4.2 - J and E dos not work

    Help ... I updated my Wii with genuine Wiikey 1 for FW 4.2U. Now only U.S. games run.
    The Japanese and European games can not be read by the console.
    I tried to pass the 1.9s wiikey config again, but it does not work.

    Could anyone help me?
    Wii D2B + Wiikey 1.9s + FW 4.2

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    4.2 patches it so u can't run out of region games we just have to wait for a update from wiikey. i gotta wiikey2 and i'm in the same problem.

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    I have a wiikey2 and it is running on a pal machine, i only download play my backed up pal games i havent updated yet but would it be safe to?

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    Don't do it. There is no added benefit for updating, just a chance you'll get bricked and that things will stop working.
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