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Thread: mod chip for Nintendo wii?

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    mod chip for Nintendo wii?

    does anyone know what the best modchip availible is there are so many and there dont seem to be reviews on them
    ok ok before everyone tells me how damaging it is. I know that the warranty would be void if i do this but i have had mod chips in the past and with no problems

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    It depends on which chipset your wii has as to which chip you can use. The wiinja deluxe is probably the best for the first wii's. You can find out which yours is by checking the serial number. There is loads of info on sites like
    I would get it professionally installed if i were you, if you are in UK you can get collect and return service for about 80 with warranty.
    P.S if you get it done, always make sure your wii is updated (via internet) and don't let an out of region game update your wii.


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