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Thread: Wiikey2 and Madden 10

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    Wiikey2 and Madden 10

    Hi folks, I posted this question in the "Madden 10" thread but got no responses.

    Other gamers have gotten Madden 10 to work with softmodded wii's;

    however, I need to know what IOS's must I update to get my HARD modded wiikey2 clip modded wii to play this game?

    I have 3.2u, latest cIOS38->249, used dopIOS to update IOS38, 55, 53 with no luck.

    Do I need to update with system menu to something like 4.1? I don't want to lose the rest of my homebrew or want to backtrack to get it back.

    Based on the other threads, I certainly do not want to update to 4.2 as that may be blocking wiikey2

    I am able to load the game from the channel; however, after seeing the "loading" on the main game screen, it stops and gives the "unable to read disc error, consult your wii manual, etc"

    Any help would be great
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    it don't really block the wiikey2 just makes it so u can't play out of region games. i know madden 10 worked on 4.1 for me i'm not sure on earlier versions.4.1 was safe for me with wiikey2. i think with homebrew u can update the stuff before you update so u don't lose it. i'm not for sure though so you should double check on that.


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