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Thread: System Update 4.2 ModChip Compatibility

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    System Update 4.2 ModChip Compatibility

    Here are a list of the most popular MOD chips

    WiiKey- 003 error reported by many. Wont play other regions if it works at all. Both NTSC and PAL wont play the other.
    DriveKey- Unknown
    Wasabi 1- Unknown
    Wasabi 2-Unknown
    Wasabi 3- Unknown
    Wasabi DX- Unknown

    I might have missed a few but would like to start a discussion which chips dont work with System Update 4.2.

    If anyone has tested these chips good or bad please post an update. I know this is mostly unknown at this point but I am sure someone has updated with this chip and has good or bad news.

    Also please state if your console is NTSC or PAL


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    D2PRO9 - Not Compatible

    I can add to the list: D2PRO9 on NTSC console will not load Wii backups. I got the "Disc could not be read" question mark.

    Updated to 4.2 using Waninkoko's installer. My Wii is NTSC with D2PRO9 installed via WiiClip. After update, Wii backups would not load, but all other discs (including GameCube backups) worked fine. I downgraded to 4.0 via Bootmii (NAND flash), and my chip is now working again.
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    D2CKey (PAL Console) and 4.2 firmware doesn't play nice with each other.
    Most backups still work but have lost the use of all NTSC backups.

    Dodgy backups (i.e. occasionally non-functioning previously) have also gone completely unusable.
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    D2Pro on NTSC is working correctly on backups on 4.2.

    All of my backups are true 1:1 backups (no scrubbing) and are in region.

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    I have spoken with the makers of the Wasabi chips and a dealer for WiiKey and Drive Key. I have confirmed that all known chips will have an issue with playing other regions. This mostly means PAL on NTSC console or NTSC on PAL console. If you dont care about that it is safe to update UNLESS you have a wiikey1 (original).


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    im using a WaspKey, which has the same menus as a wasabi DX, and 4.2 is giving me grief on my PAL machine. Wont let me boot any imports at all, but will let me boot PAL backups.

    Will this be able to be sorted out by a firmware upgrade for the modchips at some point?

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    Update 2

    Spoke to the Wasabi team via email and here is there response to the possibility of a firmware update

    Hi, Jeff!

    The R&D team are working on it, unfortunately we don't have more information at the moment. As soon as the R&D get more information the web site will be updated.


    Of course every mod chip manufacturer will have different updates. So we can just wait. I would not update until we need to (a game requires it) but if you already do you should be fine in the region of your console. All other regions probably a no go.

    There is software online that patches everything except the bad code but I am afraid a 4.3 will come out and require the bad code to do something good. Or worse it will check for the bad code and if not present brick your console so at this point I am just leaving mine on 4.2.


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    Nice work Jeff, lets hope they get it sorted real soon!

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    just to update this thread the x4 diode drivekey will boot backups that are the same as the native region of the wii, but no longer boots imports

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    Use StartPatch 4.2 found on wiibrew... It contains a 4.2 wii region hack, which should fix the region problem.

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