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Thread: burning+playing wii (downloaded) iso's

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    burning+playing wii (downloaded) iso's

    i just softmodded my wii
    installed hbc divx and bootmii (using boot2)
    ive been searching and asking on a forum but the where to chickenshit to give me any explanation
    all i want to know is what do i have to do to
    a. burn the downloaded iso's to a dvd (thats playable on the wii)
    b. i want to know what and how i need to install to play those burned wii iso's
    without having to leave the sd card in my wii or modchipping my wii

    thnx up front

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    The best way would be to use the forum's search function.

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    To give you rather simple answers, use imgburn to burn the iso at 2X speed using a good dvd-r media. You already said you softmodded your wii. Youll need to install cios249 then install cios38 rev14 (installing as ios249) and then install the latest neogamma r7 loader. If you download that as a wad (channel), install it using wad manager. Also do some searching. Read up on guides. Basically all your answers are in those guides, then afterwards if ever in doubt, ask questions. But first make alittle affort.

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    well i have been searching and researching but evryone seems to give me
    a rather simple answer like the one you just gave me i have been doing stuf with my sd and wii like putting the geckoos in my main sd map but that along with cios36 but that didnt make anything happen so then i put in a wad map and put in al the stuff along with the wadmanagerthing
    that didnt work either now i put the wadmanager and the wadmap(with geckoos and cios36 in it) that didnt work either
    so i guess i'm douing something wrong somewhere in the line of what to do when and where
    thats why i apply my question on this forum hoping that someone can give me a link or explain himself, not really in a simple form but more expaned as in what program to download where and when and where to put it on my sd card what order i should do these things etc...

    i would be really glad if someone would be able to do that


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