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Thread: custom update for wiikey2 help

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    custom update for wiikey2 help

    i'm not sure i'm putting this in the right forum but its for wiikey2. i was wondering if it would be possible to change the files in the iso for the 1.2 update. i extracted the .iso file and i was wondering if there was a way to look in the boot.catalog and boot.dol in the .iso file to see what was in there and if there was a way to change the stuff in it to make it so you can play other region games again. or would i just have to wait for wiikey to make an update for it.

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    any insight on if this can be done or not? cuz i have no clue on what tools would be needed. googled it and seen somthing that said i needed devkitpro or somthing like that to open the boot.dol file. would you have to do somthing the homebrew fix for 4.2 by changing the files around


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