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Thread: So..... 4.2 yea

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    So..... 4.2 yea

    yup friend complained and told me what happend. i updated my hombrew channel and updated VIA NINTENDO. i still have my HBC but of course none of my backups load. so what exactly am i waiting for. i hear ppl saying wait for a new loader or something. i can do the smash hack is there anyway of playing backups atm? i can play my WAD games. i also tried installing the 249 and 250 but neither work my wiimote just turns off and on. so apps dont even boot. just get blank screen then wiimote flashes. update me plz.

    ps no flamez just helpful info

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    No hack yet for it, just be sure to check the guides section, when a solution has been found, we ll post it there. thread closed


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