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Thread: D2CKey and Firmware 4.2

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    D2CKey and Firmware 4.2

    I have a PAL console with D2CKey installed from 2 years ago. As far as I can google, there have not been any software updates released for the D2CKey so far.

    I do not have HBC or any of the softmods installed.

    I have unfortunately updated to Firmware 4.2 and have found that I can no longer play backups of my Metroid Prime Trilogy (PAL), Okami (PAL) and Muramasa (NTSC).

    Is there any workaround for the situation or should I just sit tight and wait for a safe downgrader to be released for 4.2?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Aside from some of the backups not working, has the update given you any other problems?

    I'm considering updating myself and would like some perspective regarding the cons of doing so.

    If anyone could add some information it would be greatly appreciated.

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    So, did anyone try upgrading to 4.2 with d2c yet?
    any luck guys?

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    couldn't think of any reason why should d2c does harm to disc reading at 4.2.

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    Got a Jap Wii with D2CKey and accidentally updated to 4.2J. The only games that work now are the Jap backups.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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    I am having the same problem too after upgrading to 4.2u.. any solution yet?

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    yes there are, i think..... you have to downgrade to 4.1. The 4.2 update is such a pain, that it can even mess with modchips. Wii thats are hardmodded on system menu 4.2 can now only play games from their wii regions.
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    Any guides on how to downgrade back to 4.1?

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    I have a Japanese version Wii which i have first updated to 4.1J as required by some backup games. The D2Ckey still function and i could still play.I have recently updated to 4.2J because of Wii Shopping channel and now my Wii wouldn't play any backup games or North American games. Any help?

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    Has anyone tried RegionFrii? I'm curious because I've done that with a few games but I'm not on 4.2, yet.

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