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Thread: Help Please!

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    Help Please!

    I am trying to get back after the 4.2 update. Unfortunately my firmware has become corrupted and won't finish the update. Also, I can't access the SD card from the Wii menu to run anything which was why I did the update in the first place (unaware of 4.2), but previously the SD it did work in HBC. So the card reader works, just not from the main menu.

    I bought the Indy game, but it requires an system update to play. I think if I had a save file on my Wii it would not ask me again for the update.

    Would someone mind sending me a Indy save file to give it a try? I don't know if it matters but I'm in the US.

    I'd really appreciate it.


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    found one. IF anyone else needs it check here:


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