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Thread: Virgin 4.2E, HackMii 0.5 and new Bannerbomb now what?

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    Virgin 4.2E, HackMii 0.5 and new Bannerbomb now what?

    Hey guyz, new to this stuff, so please keep the sarcasm to a minimum, thx

    So, got a new Wii, after giving the last one to a friend, a virgin 4.2E with the new bannerbomb and HackMii, loaded up, everything in HBC is working fine for now, but would like to play my back-up games, help needed.

    Read that IOS70 changed some stuff, what do I need to do to play my backed-up Wii games here (for ex. Prince of Persia) ?

    Help is appreciated. Thx.

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    well you need to get a cIOS, try using this method:

    Of course, i'm not sure (and doubt it) if this will work on 4.2 because of the stub IOS249. Post back with results if it doesn't work.

    EDIT: This won't work if you try installing as IOS249.
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    You can try and if you ended up with a stubbed (nonfunctional) IOS249, try again to install a cIOS and select IOS250 to see if that will work.


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