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Thread: GX Loader what am I doing wrong?

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    Thumbs up GX Loader what am I doing wrong?

    I got GX loader working and have updated to the latest rev online. I'm using cover flow, but there are a few issues.

    first, I can't find a way to add the images or boxart. The guide says to hit (1) but nothing happens when I hit (1). I can hit (2) and get the game information, but then I can't get back to the main screen without hitting the home key.

    Second, I can't install beatles rock band. I get a crash dump immediately after putting the disk in and selecting load.

    I have the lastes cIOS38 rev 14 loaded, but i haven't loaded any of the Hermes cIOS files...not sure if i need to...

    any help would be appreciated.

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    What version of GX are you using?

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    Thumbs up I'm on the latest

    I've upgraded to the latest version through the upgrade tool.

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    Click on the boxart to the left and it should give you some options as to what you'd like to download and an internet connection is required.

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    Figured it out!

    Well, after a little bit of fiddling i figured it out. I had setup the parental controls early on when I installed the program, not knowing that it would put a halt to things like downloading boxart.... I unlocked the console...which is to say, I unlocked the parental control lock and everything worked.


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