Hello everybody,

I used the search option on this site and i looked on the internet but i can`t find the answer so i could use some help.

I got a Wii without internet connection, the wiikey (old one) is on version 1.9s
and the wii itself is version 3.2E.

Is it possible to download the wii update from internet and burn them on a cd and then put them in the wii to make the update possible?
If the answer is yes, does anybody know where to find the update?

Before i was on 3.2E i couldn`t play mario kart but thanks to a newer game i was able to update my wii to version 3.2E. Now i don`t know a good working game to update my wii again to a newer version (don`t need the newest)

So if anybody could help me on the right way that should be great.