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Thread: Waninkoko 4.2 update...

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    Waninkoko 4.2 update...

    This is not my work therefore I take no responsibility for bricked wii's

    Taken from a well known wii hacking forum.

    1) Run Hackmii v0.5 and update Homebrew Channel, DVDx and BootMii.

    2) Run Firmware Updater 4.2.

    All cIOSes and boot2 version should remain.

    If you don't update Homebrew Channel and DVDx first, you will have to use the SmashStack or Indiana Pwns exploit to restore them!

    Has anyone tested this yet, changelog/ info is scarce!

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    i ll look into it and add it to my guide in tutorials

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    I honestly don't see the purpose in updating to 4.2 but its nice to know you can now do it somewhat safely.

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    For those of us still on 3.2, it mat be a clean way to get fully upto date, without losing boot2. I have done step one, waiting for a new preloader before the next.

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    DON'T UPDATE TO 4.2! it is just full of anti piracy crap, there is no need at all to update and i'm urging everybody to stay on 4.1/3.2.

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    Thanks for that Dogeggs, there was chance I could have got sucked into it with all the hype. I'll stay with my cosy 3.2.

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    I've heard some people had a problem with this, If you have patched the IOS61 with DOP-Ios the homebrew channel will be turned upside down and should un-patch the IOS61. Also i've heard that MIOS (used by gamecube) is not patched for playing backups.
    Also the installer take a long time for the install (probably because of the connection speed)

    I've not tested this myself but i read about it
    For me SM 4.0 is just fine (I don't have WiiSport Resort)
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    even if you had WSR would be fine

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    Hey guys im a noob and wondering if you can run games that were released after 4.1 was made on a 4.0 or lower machine? I know wii sports resort is an exception but what about a game like cursed mountain or murimusa the demon blade?

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    you can run everything on every wii(currently 4.2 excluded of course). Just install ioses 38 53 55
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