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Thread: hacking again in 4.0

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    Question hacking again in 4.0

    Hello all
    I'm new to this forum (but nnot new to Wii Hacking)
    In 3.5 I hacked my wii with the Twilight Princess Hack and installed the HBC.
    However, my bro. uninstalled the channel from Channel Management when 4.0 rolled around.
    I want to get the HBC back, but I'm not sure whether using the bannerbomb hack will be safe
    None of my friends have the HBC, so I can't just get it from them
    I really confused at what to do

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    This is safe for 4.0, just follow the instructions exactly.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Many Thanks !
    I really needed this


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