Hello all,

I recently was fiddling around with playing a backup instead of my regular game, so I looked for a guide. I have little softmodding experience, although I had Homebrew Channel running via the BootMii installer (BootMii itself as the first option, not sure if thats IOS or Boot2). Anyways, I found a rather outdated guide that expected I had System Menu 3.3 or lower (I didn't) but I followed it anyways. I couldn't install Preloader due to it telling me something about how the way it was installed had been fixed (sorry for being vague, I don't remember the details), so I decided not to run the WAD Launcher quite yet.

After that, I went to see if I could downgrade my Wii. I followed these instructions (second post), downgraded my IOS35. After that, I installed IOS35 and followed it up with CIOS7.wad. After that reboot, it was still fine, but Homebrew Channel occasionally froze on me, and I couldn't even get into the Homebrew Browser. I shrugged it off, restarted the Wii fine (3 or 4 times, though I think it was only when there was an SD card in there).

I went to update the BootMii installer and put it all on my SD card,but when I went back to the Wii it was frozen again. Restarted and... blank screen. The disc drive was reeling in and out for a few seconds, but other than that, nothing. Even the "Line" in the top right only flickered for a second. Tried it a few more times.

Now I'm wondering, what are my options at this point? I want a working Wii, but I don't know the technical portion of it. Is there anything I can do?