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Thread: wii drive key region overide?

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    wii drive key region overide?


    Im new here and the reason I decided to join this forum was because of a problem that has occurred with my wii drive key.

    I installed my wii drive key this morning and it hasn't worked the way it should. I was able to install it easily and I am able to access the config menu - meaning I installed it correctly.

    The settings I am using are the default settings but I still have a problem. The region override doesn't appear to be working.

    Immediatly after installing I put the PAL version of shaun white snowboarding: road trip into my JAP wii. It didnt work/read.

    I read on the wii screen but after I click start the screen was black. I decided to update my firmware so I updated the wii to the latest. 4.2.

    Now when i insert the same disc, nothing happens at all. It just gives the question mark sign and wont let me do anything. In a way i feel this is a step back for me because at least before I was able to see the shaun white game screen before I clicked start. btw, I can still play/read my JAP games

    Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have the same problem. I updated to 4.2J and my games stopped working.
    I spoke to drivekey rep, and he said we have to wait for a fix.
    hopefully it will come out soon!

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    Thanks for reply and info.

    Bit of a shame though because I sent my drive key back to the supplier today

    Oh well, by the time I get another the fix will be out


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