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Thread: Which solder letters for d2e chipset

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    Which solder letters for d2e chipset

    I bricked my last wii with an update and nintendo sent me a new wii for $$. So now I have the wiikey2 installed again but its not working. It wont recognize the backup copies. It will recognize and play the origionals. I soldered all the letters to the wiiclip. The wiikey is a yellow sticker. Do I need to desolder some of the letters? which ones. The wii will not eject a backup until I reboot it also. running 3.3u which i plan to downgrad to 3.2 after I get it working properly. Yes the wiikey is also updated. Thanks in advance

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    Probably shorting something out. What drive is in your new wii?

    It could be a second gen drive D2c etc and you need to attach g wire.


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