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Thread: d2pro9 work whit 4.2?

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    d2pro9 work whit 4.2?

    someone has updated to 4.2 and all backups still work?
    I just run backups, no homebrew.

    sorry for the double post, but i think that the admin (messie) wrongly closed the right treat:
    and link to a wrong treat about 4.2 but mostly for softmodders.

    sorry, bad english.

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    i updated to the 4.2 without realizing that is was a menu update and not jsut a channel update of some kind like presiously. Im an idiot and should of check first. i have a hard mod D2Ckey solderless and now it seem to only play ntsc region. Anyone know of a differnent modchip that with minimal solder point that works much better? its been 2 years since i got that chip so im sure there new better chips?

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    Hi both... first time poster here

    I just foolishly updated to 4.2 - I DL's Wii Fit plus and it didn't work.... gf giving me grief about it so I foolishly updated FW. All non-PAL games now now working.

    Can't believe it... guess that the D2PRO makers will issue some sort of firmware update for chip (crosses fingers)

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    Dont update

    I have a PAL system. Updated to 4.2. Can now only play PAL region backups. I can no longer play out of region. Although everyone says the firmware update does not affect modchips (they still play backups) it has certianly changed how the wii now deals with the region issue.

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    Guys use Startpatch 4.2, can be found on Wiibrew... It contains a Wii region free hack that should fix this problem on 4.2 =]

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    Doesn't work on my PAL wii I'm afraid

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    Good news

    Okay so it is only a life support solution, but if you get HBC working again and load the homebrowser you can download the latest version of gecko 1.9.2b (just released). I can now play out of region disks. It may only be a work around but at least it is better than 75% of my catalogue gone.

    To recap I have a d2pro on a PAL with 4.2

    I followed the recent guides and loaded the new installer v0.5 and HBC. I then installed homebrowser. Today I was advised of an update of gecko 1.9.2 b. The previous version wouldn’t work. Now all of a sudden I have my games loading.

    Still hopping for a fw solution from d2pro..But then again who cares.

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    Not upgraded yet still on 4.1 E and probably will be for a while, does this region blocking effect discs which are region patched ? ie iso from ntsc patched to pal?

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    have not tried a patched disc...I will give it a go early next week and let you know


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