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Thread: homebrow channel needs update! cant install

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    Us homebrow channel needs update! cant install

    here is my problem every time i load homebrew it says new version out! i click install it downloads and starts the installer. screen pops up saying no vulnerable ios's found can not install ......... so i download the newest hackmii and bannerbomb (which i have used to put homebrew on many friends wii sys) put in the sd card and go through the steps.. same screen pops up no vulnerable ios's found.......

    anyone have any suggestions on how to get this updated and working. or does anyone know how i can at least bring my wii back to virgin status so i can install the way i have been on friends wii sys?
    i have looked up the return to virgin thread but it says it will update your wii and i would rather not end up having 4.2 on this wii

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    Here mate, just install this wad and you will be sorted.


    This will take you to the latest version
    Wii Specs:
    4.1E PAL BootMii as BOOT2,Preloader
    cIOSCORP v3.5 ,IOS 249,Latest cMIOS and cIOS

    Cioscorp v3.4 : DOWNLOAD

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate SystemMenu Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cIOS & IOS Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cMIOS & MIOS Archive

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    ok downloaded and installed! all it does when i go into homebrew channel now is restart to the main menu.
    anyone else have any ideas?
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