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Thread: wiikey2 + wiiclip v14 + 4.2 Update --> now backups don't work

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    Angry wiikey2 + wiiclip v14 + 4.2 Update --> now backups don't work

    My little brother updated the wii console accidentally to 4.2.
    Now other region games and backups dont work anymore. Only original games work.
    Is there any possibility to downgrade wii firmware version with DVD?
    Or should I wait until there is another update for wiikey 2?

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    Same here! Help!

    I'm not sure whether I'd just updated to 4.1 or 4.2 last night, likely the latter. My situation is that only some backups no longer load while some still do, and original discs work. I bet Nintendo has just thrown a bomb with the latest update.

    Anyone reading this? Here a warning! Please don't apply any update to be safe, either 4.1 or 4.2 until WiiKey2 authority finds a solution!!!

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    LOL for you, its already hacked, see the tutorials for a hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    LOL for you, its already hacked, see the tutorials for a hack
    yes but this is not giving back region free to people with Wiikey v2 installed!

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    you ll have to wait for that

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    is the wiikey team still doing updates for the wiikey 2

    they did claim that their chip was so good been Fully configurable and updatable via DVD

    but all i can find is v1.2 update from over a year ago!

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    I'm having this same problem. I have a wiikey2 and just updated to 4.2 & now I can't play half my wii games. Hopefully wiikey will send an update soon.

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    I am sure glad I read before I ever update. I will just stay where I am at for now and see what happens down the road.
    yes, I hope wiikey comes up with an update soon too. I am sure they will.

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    I have now got imports working once more.

    I needed to reinstall cios38rev14 installer from Homebrew Channel and use
    ios250 to install with network download.

    the games will not show on the disc channel but will load using Gecko OS
    from the Homebrew Channel.

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    I have wiikey 2 and softmod

    I installed the 4.2 update using waninko's safe updater.

    First I updated my Homebrew Channel, now at 1.6
    I Then installed the wii shop channel, as at first I wasn't sure I wanted to update

    So now on 4.2u and everything works fine. USBloader GX, Wiigators backuploader 1.3, Homebrew Channel 1.6

    My backups play fine. I don't play imports, so was never worried about that. But the backup loader is fine for that.

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