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Thread: Which Indy Jones Game

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    Which Indy Jones Game

    I read the Sticky and post on the fix for 4.2, but even when reading the Wiki I couldn't find which Indy game I need. Is it Original or Adventures Continues or Staff of Kings?

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    Its the Lego game.

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    Sorry I included the Staff of Kings by mistake, but the original and the Adventure Continues are both Lego games.

    With game is it?


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    LOL the original.

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    You can also wait for a bannerbomb

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    A bannerbomb will have to run off of the SD card though correct? I am hoping that with this explot that it will allow me to get HBC back and try to fix the original problem that I was working on before Nintendo slipped this update in. This is my problem:

    What do you think?


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