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Thread: Backuploader and New Game questions PLEASE HELP

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    Backuploader and New Game questions PLEASE HELP

    Ok, I'm currently running and Nintendo Wii 3.2U with IOS249 Rev7.
    I have Wii Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma with 002 Error fix and NeoGamma R4 as channels to load off of the discs.

    I can't get games such as Ghostbusters, Guitar Hero 5, Wii Sports Resorts or The BEatles Rockband to play...

    My main question is this.. How do I go about getting these newer titles to play and IF I have to change the IOS or make any new modifications to it, will it still be able to play the current older titles that do work fine now?

    I dont want to brick my Wii...

    Someone PLEASE give me a few moments of their day to help me!?!

    Thanks so much in advance

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    All 4 of those games have quiote extensive threads which involve discussions about the best ways to run those games. It would be silly to duplicate that excellent information just for one person.

    By the way Neogamma is updated to R7 (at least) and cIOS249 is at rev14.

    No one wants to brick their Wiis.

    Search simply for the game name and you will find loads of info, and as an added bonus you might learn something that'll help you with next game that won't work.
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    Thanks for the reply....


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