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Thread: All emulators - Roms on dvd=Invalid Dvd

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    All emulators - Roms on dvd=Invalid Dvd

    I have been scouring the net for days and no real 100% answers. I have a 4.1u with preloader,hbc,cioscorp3.3,cios r14.Dvdx is installed and i can watch movies.I can even load divx's off a dvd in mplayer ce. But no matter what i do all the emulators say invalid dvd. I have tried zipped and unzipped roms,created folders snes9x\roms and all others. Burned with imgburn iso9660 at 4x.Does anyone know what the problem is?A solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

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    Anyone know whats up or what?

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    try SD/USB


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