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Thread: Wasabi DX Noob questions.

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    Wasabi DX Noob questions.

    Hey everyone.
    My serial number is LU70. Will the solderless DX work with my Wii?
    I'm right in assuming the Zero is newer and better than the DX, but the new firmware(2.0) makes the DX run as a Zero, right?
    Without the Clip, it's a screw on chip, correct?
    Would you suggest paying all that extra money for the clip, or doing it normal?
    As I said, I'm lost. Please don't just tell me RTFS or anything. I find direct responses are best, because they're more up-to-date than a tutorial or guide written 4 months ago(all figuratively speaking).
    I thank everyone in advance for assistance with these very noobish questions.

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    Nobody can answer any of those?


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