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Thread: How To : Restore HomeBrew Channel on a wii with system menu 4.2

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    How To : Restore HomeBrew Channel on a wii with system menu 4.2

    Warning: Due to the new fw, we have not tested this much, so this may work, it may not work! those who want to try it out, this is what they should do:

    Ok so you Updated your Wii to 4.2 and now you have lost all your HomeBrew, well not all is lost, If you previously had Softmod and you are NOT using a virgin 4.2 wii then it means you most probably would have IOS249 installed, we all know that this has now been blocked by Nintendo, but what you don't know is there is a duplicate, yes IOS250, so do the following to get your HBC back up and running.

    ok if you don not already have wad manager channel on your wii, and need it to install the HBC , DO THIS :

    Remember, this will ONLY work for those who had previously installed cios249, before they updated to 4.2

    1. Run Indiana Jones exploit or Smash Stack exploit (You will need an original to do this)-> Detailed instructions here(indy jones pwns exploit) and here (Smash stack exploit)
    2. Have wad manager as boot.elf on root of SD card.
    3.Choose IOS250 and install the HBC.WAD( you need to install an edited version so Ninty don't keep deleting it, download it HERE..
    4 Install everything else as normal but choose IOS250 this time!

    You should now have your HBC back :-)

    Messie's note: another way is to have the standard structure of your SD card and instead of the bootmii files replace it with boot.elf or boot.dol of this file:
    This will load Loadmii, which has same functionality as HBC, only it needs to be loaded with an exploit. You are welcome to try different wadmanagers (WITH CAUtION) see what works. Mind that messing with the wads may brick you!


    New stub IOSes installed as IOS222, IOS223, IOS249, and IOS250. This seems to be the only effort made to remove “unauthorized firmware” from the Wii. This may or may not actually work, depending on the version number used in the TMD of the already-installed version of IOS.
    This suggests that any of the old ioses may work with wadmanager, so try this out

    For 4.2 there is new Hackmii 0.5!!! use this on virgin/ updated wiis!!!!
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    Wii Specs:
    4.1E PAL BootMii as BOOT2,Preloader
    cIOSCORP v3.5 ,IOS 249,Latest cMIOS and cIOS

    Cioscorp v3.4 : DOWNLOAD

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate SystemMenu Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cIOS & IOS Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cMIOS & MIOS Archive

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    Nice guide, if ever someone MESSES with my wii and crap like this happens (god forbid )

    Theory: I think nintendo packaged 4.2 with the low price wii to fool people thinking they got a deal, butin reality they are ripping themselves...
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    Well there is no HB on new wiis YET with YET being the keyword!!

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    Could the spelling errors in the first post be fixed.

    ok if you don not already have wad manager channel on your wii, and need it to install the HBC , DO THIS

    It should say:

    Ok if you don't already have the WAD Manager channel on your Wii please do this:


    Good work otherwise.

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    I found more workarounds Here:
    Affected homebrew and "Workarounds"

    I use Smash Stack. (for Bannerbomb and HBC Workarounds.)
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    umm virgin LU39 would not work with this right?

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    Will not work with a virgin 4.2 Wii.

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    Was wondering if anyone could clarify which wad manager to use, and where to get it from. I was succesful in using the smash stack, but used hackmii beta3, it got to the install screen but told me "This install cannot continue" & "There is no known vulnerable IOS installed"

    I'm a bit nubish at this, forgive my ignorance but hope this in some way helps

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    Basically if you have already used homebrew on your wii, running ios249, and have updated to the devious 4.2, you can still run backups and HBC by using the above tutorial, by technom8t.

    Also, Jamieupanddown should be given some credit as well for having the balls to test it on his accidentally upgraded 4.2


    4.1u Softmii


    Click on THANKS if I have helped you.

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    Hey everyone. Just to be clear, there is no way (as of yet) to get hbc onto a virgin 4.2 wii?

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