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    I have recently bought a wii console from America, the 4.0U version. It has installed softchip r90m, backup channel gamma and the homebrew channel. I burned iso images games into dvds but when i try to play them,appears the following message : "The game disc could not be read.Refer to the wii operations manual for details". The iso game is PAL. The problem is that i live in europe and all games and image games are PAL. Does anyone know how can i play PAL games in wii?? Is there any trick or another solution??

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    install ios60 patched, then install preloader, search the forum how to do these.

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    I have installed ios60 patched and preloader. I tried to open a game with neogamma launcher but when i choose the option " Launch game on dvd", it shows me the message:"time out" and the game does not open.

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    Check the region free hacks in prelaoder

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    I checked it and its ok but i still have the same problem. What can i do?

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    do you have latest ios249 and neo r7? are the region free hacks enabled? are you using verbatim dvd -r at 4x? iso good?

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    Everything is like you said. It's still not working. Can we find another solution?

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    what game is it? try another one that is known to work. try another loader, usb loading for example. try reinstalling your cios38rev14 with the installer.


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