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Thread: Need some help

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    Unhappy Need some help

    I went through multiple threads now looking for the answer,
    why wont my wii read some of the games I burn. When ever
    I pop in MadWorld and run it in backup loader, neogamma,
    and gecko I always get the same result ERROR 1101!

    I am using DVD+R, I know I am suppose to use other types of DVDs, but
    I have three other games that work and they too are on DVD+R.
    I not sure if it matters but they are Wii Sports Resort, Jap Grudge, and Muramash The Demon Blade.

    I have installed so many different types of WADs for Neogamma, Gecko,
    and IOSs that none of them are working. Unless I missed a
    thread that has my resolve, could someone please help me
    understand why wont my other games work or give me a bone
    and send me a link to a thread with the answer.

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    see error index

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    I reburned them and still no clue sadly and the neogamma revs change had no effect.


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