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Thread: Bleach Versus Crusade get's a black screen with odd symbols, help?

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    Bleach Versus Crusade get's a black screen with odd symbols, help?

    Bleach Versus Crsuade is a jap game that I burned to DVD-Rs, and I tried at both 4x and 2x.

    My Wii is NTSC-U (USA Wii) and whenever I try to load the game through Backup Loader OR Neogamma (I have tried rebooting with hooks AND forcing NTSC as well - both programs have the 002 error fix), I get a black screen with really odd indistinguishable symbols, the only thing that is actually ANY language out of these symbols is the word [Wii] in those brackets. It is two lines of basically, jibberish. My Wii used to be 3.4 and I had this error, now it is 4.1 and the error is exactly the same.

    Also, my Wii locks up and I have to turn it off on this screen.

    I have many IOSs already, 56, 57, 36, and quite a few others I cannot recall, but the point is I do not think I am missing an IOS unless it's a rare one or something.

    The only other game I have tried though is USA Punch Out which works.

    So... can anybody help me, what the heck is this screen all about and can I fix it?

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    Do NOT make copies of your thread in mutiple locations!

    Infraction given 5 Points expires 7 days. Next time the Reading Room.

    Thread closed.
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