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Thread: help a screen and wii remotes are not working

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    Angry help a screen and wii remotes are not working

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie to doing this and the following has happened. I was trying to play guitar hero 5 and I was getting an error. I redownloaded some files, and it was working perfectly. When I went to turn the wii on today, I got the a screen where it says to press a. The only problem is my wii remotes will not sync up to my wii anymore. they just keep blinking. So I can access the homebrew channel, bring up a channel, but I cant do anything once It starts. Can anyone help me? Thankyou in advance!!!!!!

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    Just checking, you did perform the sync procedure, right? Take the battery cover off the Wiimote, press the little sync button. Open the SD compartment, press the red sync button on the Wii console... Sometimes it takes a few trials sometimes reversing the button sequence-console first then Wiimote will do the trick.


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