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Thread: how do i install a D2CKey Wii Mod Chip in a nintendo wii?

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    how do i install a D2CKey Wii Mod Chip in a nintendo wii?

    i am getting a D2CKey Wii Mod Chip for my nintendo wii. now i want to know where i can get instructions on how to open up my nintendo wii and install the D2CKey Wii Mod Chip?

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    I just spent 2 weeks trying to figure that out. Got tons of info all the tools ( Head Set, 2 types of soldering irons, A few different Solders, Flux, Fine Tweezers and 30 GW wire) Opened the wii up and after taking one look at the D2C I was a big disappointment!!!!!!!! The thing is tiny I mean tiny and Iíve done other mods in the pass. Its 50 something points and thatís including the D2CKey. Iíve come to a realization that rather then burn my poor Wii, witch people have done I would pay a few bucks and have a PRO do it. I would suggest you do that as well unless you are a soldering GOD! Iím sorry to break it down like this but thatís what I have come to find out thru my own research. Let me know how it goes anywayÖ. and just incase you want istructions anyway go to Good luck bro.

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    here's how to open it. with a diagram of what points you're going to have to solder at the bottom.
    How-To-Install The New Wii Mod Chip

    here's what you're in for

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    Gmodz is the bomb - Wii mod D2CKEY

    Hi, I highly recommend Gmodz. They did my D2C yesterday. I wasnít sure about sending it through the mail so I went directly to them. They have a small but decent office / work shop. Both of the technicians I met were highly skilled in their profession. My impression is they are a legitimate business. I would send any of my systems to them in the future. If you are not skilled in soldering, DO NOT attempt the mod by yourself. Trust me.

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    Wow that's a nice pic of a finely installed chip. Green and yellow FTW!
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    Pay someone to mod the wii??? whats next, pay someone to play our games. The fun in games, is the challenge and the thinking involved to be good at the game.

    Think about modding as a game.. Lets just do it and not act like bunch of scared spoiled 'rich' kids. Modchips and instructions are available. Kynar wire and necessary parts are on ebay. Lets do it and not outsource it to china or india, like everything else.

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    Well said "Wiitobe" and just think if your a spoilt rich kid you can afford to buy several new Wii's if you brick them, and if your not a spoilt rich kid then master the art of Wii modding and sell your expertise/services to spoilt rich kids, everyones a winner. And if you disagree with all of the above then buy an Xbox 360 they are a peice of p155 to flash/mod.


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