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Thread: Why does wiiware not play??

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    Why does wiiware not play??

    Ok after hours of searching and scratching my head, and after i found nothing at all, here s the deal:

    I have installed some wiiware on my wii, while others play, (older games mainly), others do not. I have read they need ioses 38 53 55, which of course i installed, and still nothing. I have tried fakesigning them, well, still nothing.

    Then, I used Anytitle Deleter DB, which displays the names of the IDs of the installed channels, then checked with title lister which one uses which ios, so here are my findings:

    I have:
    ios35 v1040
    ios33 v1040
    ios30 v2576
    ios37 v2070
    latest ioses 53 55 38

    WSAE: onslaught: uses ios55-> does not play
    WBNE: Bonsai tree: uses ios35 -> does not play
    WFIE: Reel fishing: uses ios33-> plays chopped

    So how the heck can I get onslaught to play??? Also, is it safe to install ioses 30-33-35-37 latest version? or will it ruin my HBC which runs on ios37?

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    Onslaught PAL works perfectly fine for me and do you have the right region WADs?

    Download ShowMiiWads to your PC which will allow you to check the WAD info which may help.
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    for wiiwares, the importance is Region. apply FreeTheWad, in case.
    playing OnSlaughting-usa on Wii_usa and online, flawlessly !

    p.s. i've all (ur metion) ios.wad installed, and current Wii at 3.3u
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    Wads freed with region free. do you have a link for pal games favs?

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    This is where I get all my WADs and the DLC for the ones that have it.

    We Hack Wii / Wiiware1

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    well whadya know.. it seems it was a wad prob after all..

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    So is your problem now fixed?

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    yes it has thank you!!!


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