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Thread: Where to get official/original MIOS?

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    Where to get official/original MIOS?

    Hey, I installed a custom MIOS a while back in order to play gamecube backups, since I was curious. But I already have a huge gamecube library and don't need to play backups. (I used Wiigator gamecube launcher v.02 with the MIOS patcher)

    The main reason I want the original MIOS is because ever since I installed the custom MIOS, when I hit the power button to turn a game off while playing a gamecube game, it instead resets the wii and enters wii mode, which is strange because it should just shut down.

    My wii is softmodded only and is 4.1 via waninkoko updater, I have bootmii on boot2 and preloader installed. My wii is a LU10.

    Please let me know where I can download and install official up to date MIOS from Nintendo that will work with my wii. I already used the search function and can't find anything mentioning it, even the revirginize your wii faqs don't seem to mention MIOS at all.

    If not, should I just install cMIOS rev 3? (I know where to find it)

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    Thats how the program works and you can't update MIOS but you can uninstall cMIOS using the program you used to install it.

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    So I can use the patcher to unpatch it? That's safe?

    I did some searching and found something called "RVL-mios-v8.wad" , thats not something I'd want to install via wad manager, is it?

    I may try what you said tomorrow, I'll click the thanks button if it works. I only noticed this because my sister was playing GC games and when she went to shut off the wii it obviously didn't "turn off" But the weird thing is I had the wii turning off completely before when I played through starfox adventures again a few months ago.

    Maybe it's because I had standby mode turned off back then, and standby mode is turned on now (I have a preloader hack force the system to shut down and just think its in standby, because I don't like standby but I DO like the news and weather channel). I know some applications (emulators) do not honor the preloader "force shut down w/ standby enabled" hack, and maybe the cMIOS is one of them, and relies on standby mode in order to reset the system when you hit the power button.

    Okay I'm rambling here so I'll stop. Thanks for the input, any more input is greatly appreciated!

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    It should be safe as I've used it before but don't install that wad because it could cause problems and I have folder called 00000001 on the root of my SD card and inside that I have another folder 00000101 with another folder inside that called v8 which is where the files cMIOS used when it installed but theres no wad file in there.

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    Okay, I went into the MIOS patcher that came with the .2 gamma wiigator version of the gamecube backup loader, I pressed B on the GC controller to uninstall the MIOS patch.

    But nothing has changed, when I hit 'power' while running a gamecube game instead of shutting off, it acts like it does when you turn on the wii, the blue light flashes (because I have bootmii) and it goes to the health/warning screen.

    I noticed that on the bottom of the screen you can select different versions of the MIOS patch to install, theres v4, v5, and v8 I think. By default I think it's v4, which I pressed uninstall and it seems to have done nothing. Should I try to uninstall the other versions? This won't screw anything up will it?

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    I use v8 and you can only unistall the version you installed and it hasn't screwed up anything for me yet.

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    If you read the read me in Waninkoko's cMIOS installer rev3, you will see that RVL-mios-v8.wad gets installed to the root of the SD card so you can do an offline install of the cMIOS. RVL-mios-v8.wad does not go in the wad folder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Favs View Post
    I use v8 and you can only unistall the version you installed and it hasn't screwed up anything for me yet.
    I think I tried to uninstall v4 earlier when I should have done v8. When I did that it acted like it was downloading stuff and it seemed to be a success. Confused me. I think I'll try and make sure it says v8 at the bottom next time, I guess if that certain version isn't installed then no harm will be done if I press uninstall.

    Even though I have bootmii I'm really cautious, thanks for putting up with me.

    Stomp_442, I did not use Waninkoko's cMIOS installer rev 3, I used the MIOS patcher coded by WiiGator included with the Gamecube Backup launcher 0.2 by wiigator. The attached readme for the MIOS patcher I have does not say anything about a wad file.

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    I could not get that to work for me, just waninkoko's with the offline install, works great. Maybe that's before I got wireless router, I was using a usb network adaptor, maybe that wouldn't work with wiigator mios patcher. And I read somewhere that Gamecube Backup launcher 0.2 may have issues with multi game discs, not that your using, just some info. I use GC backup launcher Xi, all the games I have work with that launcher, Xi was released before 0.2, so it's the previous version. Sounds like you want to try Waninkoko installer, LOOK HERE.


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