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Thread: General IOS questions

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    Lightbulb General IOS questions

    Hi, this is my first post

    I have a 4.1E Wii with Wasabi DX mod-chip and soft-mod (done according to this tutorial: How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive on System Menu 4.0 [Slick Tricks Part 2]), and Hermes cIOS 222/223 v4. I'm using USB Loader Gx (latest version) and all my games load from USB. Great !

    All except Guitar Hero 5 and Monster Hunter 3 (English patched) that is... GH5 runs OK from backup disk, just not from USB. MH3 won't run properly from either. From USB it gets past the intro movie then freezes when you start a new game on the first menu. I've also tried Configurable USB Loader but had no success with that either.

    I can use WiiScrubber to extract IOSes from these disks, and install them using WAD Manager but I wanted to clarify a couple of things first.

    1. I had been led to believe that new IOSes don't overwrite any that are there beforehand. If you like they 'stack up' so the older versions are still available to maintain backward compatibility with older games. Is this correct ?

    2. If it is correct how can updating an IOS brick yor Wii ? And why then can I not simply pull all the IOSes from a disk and update them all (assuming same region of course) ?

    3. Is there a tool or utility that tells you what IOSes you have installed and what versions they are ?

    4. How do I know which IOS needs updating when a game (like GH5 or MH3) locks up at the black screen or whatever ? Is there an online resource somewhere that tells you what the various IOSes do ?

    Sorry for the long post !

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    1. IOSs come in different numbers which all, have their own versions. e.g IOS30-v1020, IOS60 etc. but installing an IOS with a different number wouldn't overwrite one with another number but installing an IOS will overwrite an IOS with the same number. For example, installing IOS60 will not overwrite IOS30 while installing a different IOS30 will overwrite the previous version of IOS30.

    2. Usually, if you corrupt of delete your system menu's IOS is when you'll brick. In your case this is IOS60 so if you were to try overwriting IOS60 and it was a corrupted wad or you deleted IOS60, it will result in a full brick since 4.0 uses IOS60.

    3. I believe DOP-IOS allows you to see your installed IOS versions and install more.
    Dop-IOS - WiiBrew

    4. Usually searching around the forum should tell you if you're missing an IOS for a game or by looking in the update partition of the ISO using wiiscrubber but of course if the IOS is already installed on your wii, no need to re-install it.

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