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Thread: Changing from US to EUR

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    Changing from US to EUR

    Hello all,

    I bought my Wii in Hong Kong, and noticed it was a Korean one:
    RVL-001(KOR), which is NTSC-M.

    Before I got it they installed a modchip and changed it to US firmware NTSC.

    But I live in Europe and would like to use some regional functions, but I can only select some South American countries, US and Canada.

    Can I change my Wii to EUR? I read that changing from NTSC to PAL doesn't work?

    And is there a way to find out which modchip is installed without having to open it?


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    Modchip options:-

    1) Ask Superman to come round and use his x-ray vision. :P

    2) Open it (tri-wing screwdriver)

    3) Download every configuration disc you can think of and try them uintil you get lucky and find the one for yours.

    I hear that 3 quick presses of reset on start-up aloso does something.

    As for the region changing, well that's not my area of expertise but I think anyregionchanger AnyRegion Changer - WiiBrew
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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