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Thread: Emulator queries

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    Emulator queries

    I have installed sega emu+ and snes emulator as channels, i have also got a multi boot disc which i intend to extract the roms from, what i want to know is if it is possible to create a dvd for each of the emulators packed with roms and get the emulator to boot off them instead of the SD, i have seen the option to set DVD as rom load device on saga emulator but not on the snes emu...i thought these multi boot discs just went in the wii and you started playing them but obviously not ....any advice greatly appreciated.

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    yes it is possible to make a disc with all the roms...i'm new to this but i have made 2 discs, the first one is NES roms, the second is SEGA GEN roms....burn image to disc(iso)files...that's all i can help with****me noobie***

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    i'm a newbie too.... but wat i wanna know is, i just got my wii hardmodded with the most up to date wiikey. do i still need the homebrew channel to play roms? and if not, how do you play them on the wii then?
    thanks, and help will be appreciated.


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