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    Us Complete noob Help

    Hi, Im new and trying to understand Wii modding. I have done some PS2 modding and now I want to do some Wii modding.

    Im going to get a brand new Wii and I want to use a Wiikey to "back up my games". I will use a Wiikey or Wiikey 2 or Wiikey fusion.

    Which should I use?
    I can burn my games, but It would be easier to use some kind of SD card
    I dont want a premod.
    I dont want to get bricked
    I want it to be easy.

    And I need help on what the Wii people will do If they find out...Will they ban my Wii or Will an upgrade make my Wii useless......IK im a noob. I couldnt make sense of all the confusion on these boards. THANK YOU.

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    Did some more researching and I guess Wiikey 1 is out...

    Wiikey 2 is out now and Fusion isnt out yet. I suppose I will get i need t flash the drive or update anything when I install it. I probably will get a premodded board and open the Wii up and put it in....Still waiting on other help on updates for Wii and the Wiikey....???

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    google wii soft mod 4.1 2009 5 mins and done no bricking what so ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by gosblo View Post
    google wii soft mod 4.1 2009 5 mins and done no bricking what so ever
    no, dont google it, just look at the forum, there is an excellent guide to softmodding a wii, no need to weatch crappy youtube videos with a guy and his dodgy moustach.

    The really isnt any need for a chip anymore, unless thats what you really want, just about as much can be obtained by softmodding.

    some people prefer a chip, so its a personal choice.

    for softmodding, all you need is:
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    what about when my Wii says it needs to update?

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    Preloader allows you to block disc updates so your homebrew stays intact. If a newer IOS comes out that is needed by a game, you can simply install it via WAD Manager

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    I will actually answer your question.

    Get the wiikey 2 for modding. 6 wire install and works on almost all drives except the new drives. I wouldn't get the fusion yet but if you are looking for a great chip that is solderless and cheap try the sunkey lite.

    No nead to pay a lot for a solderless chip. I use wiikey 2 whenever I can and I have a few sunkey Lite for the D3 drives.

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    lets go to the softmod.......I see how to do it all but what is it that actually makes my Wii able to play backups. AND get I get a summary of the guide just to know wtf am i doing? I can follow directions but id like to know exactly what im doing. thanks.


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