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Thread: Wiiware game channels

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    Wiiware game channels

    are there any issues (speed drops etc..) with putting the WW channels on an SD card as opposed to system memory? I find that I quickly run out of space with just 5 titles

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    Putting them on an SD card only clears up memory space and has no real effect on the speed as the NAND still needs to load the game before it plays it instead of streaming directly from the card.

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    cheers Favs, i have been doing some reading around and google searchs and it seems to suggest its not just a case of using the wii data management to move the channel to the sd.

    is this the case?

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    To move a Wiiware channel to an SD card you need to be running a 4.0 or 4.1 system menu which should allow you to do so.

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    i thought instead of asking loads of questions id just try it and see what happens. i installed a wad to my wii (PAL family table tennis) and then using data management moved it to my 2gb sd card. now though it has been removed from the main channel menu and when i try and access the sd card either through the data management --> channels --> sd card menu or the sd icon from the main menu it freezes the whole system.

    i am running ver 4.0e and have applied the hbc and bannerbomb softmod exploit. cant remember which IOS a installed but from the hbc it says IOS61 v19.26

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    If you installed it as a wad I'm pretty sure thats whats causing it to freeze and I think theres something you can do that allows you to load installed wads from the SD menu but I'm not sure what it is.

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    you have boot.elf in SD root? if so remove it. You should have ios60 patched installed, do not copy ti over peloader tho. If still nothing, move the game back to the wii, format the card and try again

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    OK thanks - can anyone assit me with this? what about using a wad manager to install it?

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    thanks messie, formated card in the end and seems to be back to normal. dont think will be trying that again!!

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    try what? move ALL the wiiware games in the sd... it is not worth it having them in the wii memory

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