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Thread: After reading the tuts, before attempting.

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    After reading the tuts, before attempting.

    Hello, I had my Wii for over 2 years (I think), and just started with the Wii hacking. Right now, I have 4.1U, which from what I have read, is hackable with the Bannerbomb. All I want to do is to play my back up games, I lend my games to my friends quite a lot, and some of them return them scratched (friends I don't lent to now). So now, I have a few of questions.

    1. I want to know what are the possibilities of bricking my system, and how it would brick with what I just plan to do. (Semi and Full bricks)

    2. The best way to prevent bricking is by installing Bootmii, doing an nand back up, and don't uninstall IOS60 right? Any other suggestions of what I should and should not do to prevent bricking?

    3. Will I still be able to connect my legit DS games with the back up Wii game? What about connecting my flashcart with an back-up game?

    4. Is it possible to connect to the WiFi with a back-up game?

    5. What is the best homebrew (in your opinion) to run my back-up games on?

    Thank You to those that helped. Sorry if these are found in the tuts and I somehow missed it, or if it's against any rules, please tell me.

    EDIT - Found another question. All I need to do to do what I plan is follow this guide right?
    Any suggestions on what I should pay attention on that guide. I am thinking of doing everything (including optional, except updating system menu option, and the ones after the final step)

    make sure you have at least 250 blocks free or you will brick
    That means on the Wii system right?
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    follow the guide you posted and you are set. also read the faq, possibility of a brick is very little if you do things we say here (zero if you do it right)
    1. read the faq
    2. you should also install preloader (on the guide)
    3.should be
    5.neogamma for dvd, usbloaderGX for usb(tho others work well)

    250 blocks free, you see it at data management

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    Follow the guide but omit cIOSCORP until you fully understand what it does AND you have bootmii/boot2 installed AND you have a full NAND backup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    250 blocks free, you see it at data management
    On the System and not the SD card right?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    Follow the guide but omit cIOSCORP until you fully understand what it does AND you have bootmii/boot2 installed AND you have a full NAND backup.
    cIOSCORP (only) allows your-region backups from the disc channel with 99% compatibility AND the ability to recover from any brick as long as the system menu main DOL is okay
    That's basically what it does right?

    and the cIOSCORP is this step?
    3. GET A CIOS

    You may want to check this video before you do this stage. The only difference is that you can select 'load IOS from SD card' instead of download from NUS.

    a) Go to Homebrew channel and run Trucha Bug Restorer, load IOS36, press 1, read the warnings then select 'downgrade IOS15', select to load IOS from SD card then let it do its job, keep an eye on what it is doing and make sure you select 'load from sd card' when it asks & don't get any errors.

    b) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, this time select to load IOS15 on first screen using dpad left/right, then select the IOS36 menu & install patched (select 'yes' on all 3 patches) IOS36 to slot 36, again using IOS from SD card.

    c) Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, load IOS36 and this time select restore IOS15.

    d) Run cIOS38 r14 installer, select IOS36 as the one it should use and then select wad install.
    How well does the Drivekey work on unbricking? Does it only recover semi-bricks?
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    250 blocks on wii. and no, this is not the same, Step 3 merely changes a tiny bit of a system ios, while cioscorp messes up the entire ios system of the wii.

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    Okay, let me get this straight, do I or do I not need cIOSCORP to play back-up games? Since they are both different, and the guide didn't say anything about cIOSCORP in the 5 steps, I don't need to install it I assume.

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    You don't need it and unless you've read about it and understand what it does would I don't recommend using it.

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    Alright, it does seem like cIOSCORP is worthless to me anyway as I don't mind using the other homebrew channels, and I might be using usbloaderGX to save me some DVDs. Gotta free up my external now.

    I would attempt now, but the only SD card I have right now is an generic, so I am going to wait till I buy an Sandisk.


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