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Thread: Black screen at Animal Crossing startup... help!

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    Unhappy Black screen at Animal Crossing startup... help!

    Hey guys, I have a Korean Wii that my dad's friend had modded, (I have HBC). In Korea, they use NTSC-M, but recently I had to move to Spain (they use PAL here). Fortunately, all the games I had works perfectly fine, and nothing to worry about.
    But now I wanted to play some new games so I burned a few, but they all DID NOT work
    Some of them needed updates (mine is updated to the most current version -4.1K), and me being afraid of bricking my Wii, I didn't do it, and others (like Animal Crossing) just have a black screen and stay there when you press play, so i have to press the OFF button until it's off, and I restart it.

    But the weird thing is, when I lived in Korea I used a Korean-iso downloader site to get all my games, and pretty much 9/10 they worked, even though most of them were NOT Korean games and were USA region games. But now that I'm in Spain I can't use that site anymore, so I tried downloading from warez and stuff, but ALL OF my burnt games are just messed up, none of them work.
    Please help!

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    you missing some ios's, try searching for the games your having trouble with, there are many threads about animal crossing and what it needs.

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    Aha! thank you soo much, it worked *thanked*

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