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Thread: Guitar hero 5 wants to update firmware which will block mod chips

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    Guitar hero 5 wants to update firmware which will block mod chips


    I have a drivekey in my PAL wii. I threw in guitar hero 5 but it came up with a message that I would have to do a firmware upgrade in order to play the game but it said this firmware upgrade could block any modifications which have been done to the wii..
    So I was just wondering what I should do?
    I am not sure of my current firmware version but I remember a new one came out about 3 or so months ago and I upgraded to that one.

    Sorry if this has already been talked about but I searched first and couldnt find any related posts


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    The update is not going to disable your drivekey, no update will do that either.
    And if you update through disc, you could get a brick if it was an out of region game, or it could work but pretty much all your homebrew will be gone.
    I would recommend you to not update, just run the ISO through WiiBrickBlocker or what the shit was named, or just get preloader and enable the hacks that is in my signature.
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    well to be sure i went and manually updated firmware and now on latest 4.1e

    threw disc in again and its still asking me to update before i can play game

    my machine is pal and i thought i had the pal version of the game but even if i didnt i have ntsc backups of other games on this machine and it never asked me to update before using..

    hmm.. maybe i need to try a different backup..

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    your missing some of the newer ISO's, read one of the 1000's of GH 5 threads and you will find what you need to do.


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