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Thread: Backing up wii games??

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    Unhappy Backing up wii games??

    hi i was just wondering if there is any way/software that i can use to backup my games with a HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-T20L NR02 dvd drive, i have succsesfully soft modded my wii using the 3.?-4.1 softmod guide and am now not able to figure out the backup proccess, i have tried rawdump 2.0 but am getting the message Error!! You might have a faulty drive!! i have netframework2.0 and can't seeing myself being able to buy a new drive. my drive works with anything else so i can;t see there being an issue with it... would greatly appreciate some knowledge on the topic if possible.

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    Why don't you try backing up to a HDD? I did it today and it was pretty easy, same guide as you use for mod, download the USB Loader GX, and install it (the rar contains all info), open it and insert the game, it's going to ask you if you want to back up, and it will save it in your HDD. Use the same application to play them once you finish the back up process.

    IMHO is better than backing up to DVDs.
    But if you still want the DVDs you could Use WBFS to back up from the HDD to your PC as ISOs, after that use Imgburn to write them on the DVDs if you want (use Verbatin DVD-R for what I've read, and burn them at 4X to avoid headaches)
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